Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Quagmire? Civil War? Both!?

No, it's just France (via Drudge):

The French government yesterday held crisis talks with community leaders in an effort to halt mounting violence in suburbs around Paris, amid news that gangs of youths, mainly of North African descent, were intensifying attacks on police.

I'm not sure how bad it really is over there but I don't think we are getting the full story.

"These guys came to kill. They wore balaclavas, and had baseball bats and iron bars," said Joaquin Masanet, the general secretary of the powerful UNSA police union.

I'm not seeing much about this on TV or in the papers. If I didn't read blogs I don't think I would be aware of it and that seems to be the case more and more with the news.

Bill C:

No Parasan is a great site for all the news about France's descent into Sharia.


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