Monday, October 02, 2006


Slamming Dr. Frist

In the past I have treated Dr. Frist rather harshly and I was called on it. It turns out I need not apologize. Just check out the Fristbot in the comments of this post. I don't like being spun and the fact that he tried to justify his earlier comment with the clarification that he wanted to appeal to moderate Islamists. Huh? Sorry, no thanks. That is not going to fly.

And as for Frist -- well, thanks for your service, and goodbye, and try not to say anything stupid in the next five weeks. As a Senator, you make a hell of a heart surgeon.

Let me do you a solid and let you know there's really, really no point sinking any time or money into that presidential bid.

Just a little political consulting for you. Gratis.

In honor of Dr. Frist's political suicide and all that he has done to insure that Republicans lose in November, I repost these photoshops (above) to remind us what we are losing.

Also, Frist as Chamberlain.


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