Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Today: A new car and new pictures of our "peanut"

We had a doctor's appointment today and another ultrasound. The "peanut" is looking good. Inna was surprised to learn that the baby could move around at eight weeks. If you look closely you will see her/his little hand sticking up in the middle and waving.

Last Friday I got a call from the mechanic detailing the extensive repairs that our 10 year old Nissan Maxima would need. The car is in good shape considering its age and it is within a trip or two to Lindenhurst of 147k. The Bluebook on the car is about $2k so when he got over a thousand to fix the brakes I said that's alright, "Putting $1000.00 into this car is a waste of money." I had done some research on the Chrysler 300. It has been getting good reviews and both my wife and myself love the style. Well, I love it because it is Heitner-sized. (That means big.) We looked on the internet and found a Chrysler 300C, top end model, for $28k at the Carmax in Kenosha and we bought it. Kudos to Carmax. It was a very pleasant car buying experience. The people there really made sure that we knew everything about the car and that all our questions were answered. The car drives as well as it looks. A zippy V8 with very nice handling. It is a dream to drive. Did I mention that I am comfortable? It is not easy to find a car that I can say that about. Even the back seats are enormous.

After the doctors visit we stopped by the Russian deli and I saw this ad for what looks like an Indian movie. The title and subtitle caught my eye.



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