Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Westinghouse Update - More HD Please!

I posted about the Westinghouse HD monitor I purchased a few months ago and since have had some more thoughts. I have found that two of my complaints have solutions that I stumbled across while using the monitor. If the info is in the manual, I did not see it.

One issue was the picture-in-picture swap feature. There is no button on the remote for a swap but the feature does exist. While in PIP mode you just hit the button (ex: say VGA for computer) for the small picture and the large and smaller pictures swap. If that is standard for PIP on other brands then I was simply unaware.

The other issue was with the fact that there is no button to change the input to HDMI source. It appeared that you would have to scroll though the input up-down button to get to it. I've found that if you press the DVI input and hold it for a moment it will switch to the HDMI source. I don't know if this is due to the fact that there is nothing plugged into the DVI 1 or 2 inputs - it just works for me and makes things easier.

I've watched some HD football and baseball recently and still I am impressed with the picture quality. But a bigger benefit for football is the larger viewing area of the field. It changes how you view the game much in the way actually being there does. You can see the entire line of scrimmage from the snap and don't have to wait for the camera crew to figure out where the play is going and pan over to the action.

Example: Watching the wide receivers reaction to the snap enhances the viewing experience, especially on running plays. When a back runs to the outside you can see ahead of time what is waiting for him rather than wondering and waiting for the camera to pan over to see if the reciever is blocking or if there are defenders just waiting to make a tackle. If you watch football you understand what I'm getting at.


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