Monday, November 20, 2006


PS3 was launched

...and, no, I don't have one.

I did stop by the Bucktown Best Buy last Wednesday and talked with the people waiting in a line which already took up the meager 20 units allotted to the store. It looked orderly and the people seemed in good spirits. The gamer to speculator ratio was 3:2 according to them. I had thought of camping out but the only person I thought might camp with me was busy entertaining a young lady on vacation from CA. Another consideration was my fear of crowds and the realization that carrying around a fragile piece of technology which is apparently worth its weight in gold is the kind of danger I normally avoid. For those who have a low opinion of humanity, you were not disappointed.

So I will wait until, most likely, next year. I have no intention of paying more than the retail price. Besides, the games I am looking forward to will not arrive until then.


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