Thursday, November 16, 2006


Rockin' Robin

Over the past several years I've been attending the occasional social gathering and bringing some alcoholic beverages to share with other guests, my favorite being Samuel Adams but I've also brought a bottle of wine now and then or perhaps some vodka for mixed drinks. Depending on the venue I've made it a point to quietly bring along a fine malt liquor (such as a 40 oz. bottle of Colt 45) and leaving it in the refrigerator or cooler and then keeping an ear out for a little "Who brought that?!" from someone in the crowd. It's been amusing at times though I'm not always around to see what becomes of the bottle.

I got a good laugh at this years Halloween party when I spotted someone consuming the bottle of Colt 45 that I had left in the back of the fridge. Nothing wrong with that, I just had not yet found it to be someone's beverage of choice.


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