Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Voter ID

I like the fact that they are checking in some places:

Even the governor needs the right ID to vote in South Carolina.

Gov. Mark Sanford learned that lesson the hard way Tuesday _ he had to make a second trip to his Sullivans Island polling place because he forgot his voter identification card the first time. The poll workers, following the rules, had turned him away.

I've been contested twice while voting in Chicago before. I've no problem with that. And it was easy for me to provide ID and get on with voting.

Today I walked in, stated my name and address and voted. They did not ask for my exact address, just the street I lived on. I gave the number but I'm not so sure they were going to ask for it. It was a good experience though as the poll workers were friendly and there was no line at 7:20 AM.


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