Thursday, November 09, 2006


Woman confesses to murder on radio

She thought she was anonymous but she did not consider caller ID.

Sue, a nurse, and the baby’s father both worked at the same hospital. The father refused to pay child support, so she had family court garnish his hospital wages. He didn’t like that, so he quit his job. Sue approached him privately for “under the table” money. He refused to pay her that, too. What else could she do but take his 9mm pistol and shoot him in the heart (she bragged about knowing exactly where in the heart to shoot because of her nursing background).

When the police arrived, Sue, while blubbering for effect, gave them the standard VAWA-speak: “He was beating and threatening me. He was drunk. He shot himself.” Of course, the police AUTOMATICALLY believed her. Why? She’s a woman.

Here is a link to the Tom Leykis show to which that call was placed. Now the police in Arizona are looking for this woman. As you can hear on her call she thought she was safe from discovery since she was calling from a friends phone and because the man she confessed to killing had been cremated.

I don't know if they will catch her and if her story is a prank. She sounded sincere to me. What this does illustrate is the glaring difference in the way our society handles crimes perpetrated by women vs. men. The paradigm in domestic violence is that the man is always the initiator. That is not true. Women are much more likely to be hurt but domestic partners are almost equally likely to attack each other.


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