Friday, December 22, 2006


Duke rape case charge dropped

Wendy Murphy still not embarrassed.



The charges of kidnapping and sexual offense still stand. Given the release of DNA evidence the rape charge is ridiculous. The other charges are merely highly improbably so Nifong is keeping them on to save face. Nifong is in danger of becoming a verb. As in, to prosecute for political reasons.

Mary K Ham from HotAir:

It’s Durham. It’s full of a bunch of liberal white people who love to get yelled at by black people and a bunch of liberal black people who are happy to oblige them. This story scratched that white guilt itch soooo good, they just couldn’t let it go, even though it was pretty clear from the beginning that the story was a little off.

The national media liked the white, privileged lax boys rape hard-working exotic dancer single mom story, and they ran with it, too. As a result, many lives, seasons, careers, and a successful sports program have been seriously messed with by a D.A. who couldn’t back off on the narrative, either, lest he feel the wrath at the ballot box from those whom he denied their white guilt orgy.


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