Wednesday, December 27, 2006


The Good Truth, the Bad and the Ugly Lie

Victor Hanson poses a good question:

So how, aside from killing jihadist terrorists, can we defend ourselves against the insidious spread of radical Islam? Here are a few starting suggestions:

His list then follows. While all are good points I think this is the most important in that it does not get enough attention:

Appreciate the history and traditions of a unique Western civilization to remind the world that we have nothing to apologize for but rather much good to offer to others.

I don't think we as citizens or our government speak out enough on the positive role the U.S. has played in world history. The tiresome drum beat of the negative message via the 'ugly American' or bad U.S. Government seems to get way too much press and social credibility. The facts point to a positive message and that ought to get more attention.


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