Saturday, December 23, 2006


I got a Playstation 3 !!!

I don't know if I was lucky or what but I managed to find one at a Gamestop store in a mall on Fullerton west of Ashland. What a mess. I was out running some errands and happened to be near this store so I thought I would drive by. Well I pass the store and look in the window and see Playstation 3 boxes stacked up, both the 20 and 60 gb versions. Well parking was impossible. I mean none. I went next door to the Dominick's parking lot a got lucky as someone was leaving then hoofed it to the Gamestop.

When I got in the door I asked the first salesman I saw if they had PS3s. He said, "I don't know, ask the manager." 'But you have the boxes in the window?" "That is just a display." D'oh. Now it seemed unlikely that they had them in and I was a little miffed that I had wasted my time coming here. There was a young girl in a tedious conversation on the phone, I assumed this girl was the manager so I waited while she had her conversation. This went on for a few minutes and I contemplated leaving but my effort made it seem worth staying to ask the question for which I was sure I knew the answer.

Just then another employee came out of the backroom and I snagged him. "Any PS3s back there?" "There were when I took my break." My heart soared. He went back and came out with the box. It seemed impossible to me. Well not impossible. I had been monitoring the prices on Craig's List and they have come down to slightly more than retail. Also, gaming blog, Kotaku, had this post about multiple PS3 sightings. I trust the markets to provide information and this time they told me that the scarcity of the PS3s was exaggerated. That is why I bothered driving by the store. Otherwise, the proximity of Christmas made getting one seem highly unlikely.

I was so giddy that I even bought the store's extended warranty; something I never do. This is my Christmas present to myself and now I promise I will shut up about Playstation 3. At least, about finding a PS3. I am sure I will post about playing it. This also raises the question about Sony's position. They could be in trouble with the console being too expensive and, therefore, the number of units in homes likely to be much less than the competing consoles for a while.


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