Thursday, December 21, 2006


I've Been Everywhere, Man...

Well at least it feels that way sometimes...

But when I listened to Johnny Cash sing the rest of that song I realized I hadn't been to all that many places off the beaten path. I have been to Seattle, San Diego, Portland Maine, Miami, and many places between racking up almost 44,000 miles along the way (yes, I counted) through 42 states. I had given this some thought at various times this past year as I would come across the occasional blog post or media mention that 2006 marks the 50th Anniversary of the Interstate Highway System.

As useful as this system has been for me in my travels, lately I have been thinking of the less crowded and more scenic roads that prove to be a more enjoyable drive. Or perhaps ride. Over the last few years, inspired by the kiddofspeed and the journey (not the depression!) of the Ghost Rider, I have been considering a motorcycle trip rather than packing up the car and road tripping the usual way.

Of course this would require the proper license and equipment. Most importantly an actual motorcycle. Over the past few months I've discussed this a few times with friends and those I've met who are knowledgeable on the subject. Each has a different opinion. One thing I find interesting about the opinions is that some base their selection of motorcycles more on image than function. I don't want to join a frat or a community as some people make it sound like, I just want to figure out what bike would be best for me. That is not on my Christmas list for Santa this year though as I plan on taking lessons in the Spring and perhaps purchasing one after that. So it is a little early for a Honda or Harley debate right now.


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