Thursday, December 07, 2006


Mary Cheney's child and Gay marriage

On MND, an article was posted concerning Mary Cheney choosing to have a child and Gay marriage. In the article, a civil liberties question was raised trying to tie Ms. Cheney's choice and Gay marriage. How can you allow Mary Cheney to have a baby yet deny her the right to marry her partner so that the baby won't be denied the stability of a family with all the priviledges of marriage?

Ignoring the question of whether marriage really does add that much stability to modern families. There is a real difference among libertarian and social conservatives over homosexual unions and the rights granted to homosexuals. I would not deny Mary Cheney's right to reproduce so you know where I stand. Given that, how can I be opposed to her marrying? In a comment on MND I answered that question.

What is the connection between a person choosing to have a child on their own and gay marriage?

I think men and women should be free to choose to have children on their own. I also believe that it would be in the child's best interest to have two parents and that a man and a woman is the best choice in a two parent family. But I would not deny anyone the right to reproduce just because the best conditions are not available or they simple choose to live a non-conventional life.

I am opposed to Gay marriage because allowing same sex couples the same rights as heterosexual couples dilutes those rights. It is in societies best interest to promote marriage and reproduction in a manner that is best for children because society needs children in order to perpetuate itself. Gay marriage along with no fault divorce and onerous child support payments et al. all hurt heterosexual marriage by eroding the value of marriage, encouraging divorce and discouraging two parent, heterosexual unions. For these reasons gay marriage could arguably be less of a factor, however, it is not neglible.

I hope that all libertarian minded people who are disturbed by the state of marriage in the United States will not have their vision clouded by the civil rights argument made by advocates of Gay marriage. It is a smokescreen. You might have the right to buy whatever car you can afford but it is the priviledge of having a driver's license which society gives to those who meet the criteria for operating that vehicle. Marriage is too important an institution for us to continue dilute its meaning.


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