Monday, January 29, 2007


I'm back from my vacation

...and I need a vacation.

The Dominican Republic lived up to its sunny reputation and provided many days of warm weather. A good time was had by all most especially my mother in law who was just happy to see my wife but was overwhelmed by the all-inclusive resort in which we spent the last 6 days of our trip. I did not have such a great trip. Partly my fault but partly not. It is normal to want to stay on vacation and even to be a little happy about returning home but I was ecstatic to leave and return to Chicago and this is why.

Before we left I had been dealing with one of those colds that will not go away. On top of that I got an ear infection, I believe from using the steam shower in our new apartment. I went to the doctor and got some ear drops and a super bug zapping antibiotic which just about did the trick before we left for the D.R. On arrival my feet decided to swell up which made walking a joy. Eventually, I got ahold of 600 mg. ibuprofen when the pain made sitting in a van seem like the Bataan death march. We spent the first ten days in the capital of Santo Domingo at a B&B run by a friend of my mother. It is right in the heart of the colonial zone so lots of sightseeing and shopping to keep the wife and MIL happy. Unfortunately, the beds were a mattress on a wooden board and my back was not responding well. Thank G_d I brought the BenGay! I slathered that on after I hobbled out of bed every morning and was mostly pain free, besides the feet, for the rest of the day.

The second part of the vacation at the resort was something we were all looking forward to. Santo Domingo was very humid due to an unseasonable amount of rain and it was slightly uncomfortable. The resort was nice. It had been a Hilton resort in November but by the time we arrived it was owned by a Dominican bank. I noticed a few things that were not up to snuff. The service and the food were not part of that. On my second day my feet were deflating and I was feeling pretty good so I decided to get a massage to loosen up. Big mistake. The woman giving the massage took my left arm and moved over my head then she gave it a healthy yank which, according to my doctor, either tore or aggravated my rotator cuff. I am looking at four to six weeks of recovery if I am lucky. Surgery if I'm not. At least the pain is subsiding due to anti-inflamatories and Tylenol w/ codeine. Yeah drugs!

Sitting was not a problem but it was almost impossible to lie down comfortably. When you are on the beach that is all you want to do. On top of that I caught a cold the day before we left. So You can see why I was happy to leave. My sneezy, aching self is feeling better. I think I will take a week off to recover from this vacation.


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