Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Iraq Now and From Now On

Michelle Malkin has a new article on her trip to Iraq.

The troops I met scoff at peace activists' efforts to "bring them home now." But they are just as critical of the Bush administration and Pentagon's missteps

I have thought along those same lines though it is difficult for me to get a good feel for the situation on the ground as my only source of information is really the blogosphere. The ugly images the MSM displays don't really tell me anything I don't already know. There is violence in Iraq.

Instapundit links to this Foreign Policy post by Donald Stoker regarding Bush's policy changes for Iraq:

Combating an insurgency typically requires 8 to 11 years. But the administration has done such a poor job of managing U.S. public opinion, to say nothing of the war itself, that it has exhausted many of its reservoirs of support. One tragedy of the Iraq war may be that the administration's new strategy came too late to avert a rare, decisive insurgent victory.

In his 60 Minutes interview aired last Sunday the president noted that he was trying to do more to get the message out to the public, hence the interview. Stoker was right. The administration has done a poor job of managing public opinion and that needs to change. The images and opinions displayed and expressed by the MSM are not a true picture of the situation at hand and Bush needs to get that message out. His 60 Minutes piece might have been a start but not much was accomplished there. I don't think Bush wants to engage the press in a fight but he might not have a choice. They are not giving the public a fair take on Iraq and Bush needs to confront that directly.

One of the more important statements in Bush's speech last week was that the rules of engagement will change. Bush gave only a sentence or two to this topic but was clear that the troops would not have to deal with the current restrictions when fighting terrorists. This problem has been brought up several times before and though I'm happy to see it addressed it seems it should have been done right from the beginning.


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