Monday, January 29, 2007


Justice: Sometimes overzealous, sometimes not

First off we have a boy who seems to be the victim of a prosecutor on a mission. Sound familiar? The kid downloaded some naughty pictures that included a worm which deposited kiddy porn on his harddrive. The kicker is the defense is trying to get the computer from the police to prove that it was a worm and not deliberately downloaded but the prosecutor tried to block them.

On the not so zealous side of justice is the Sandy Burgler case taken up by John Fund of the WSJ. He asks the question: why was Berger given a break by the Bush Justice Department? Why hasn't Berger taken the polygraph he was required to?

My question: why is the Bush administration playing dumb when it comes to Democratic misdeeds? Once again they aren't playing offense when they could and perhaps buy a little airtime from the MSMs relentless negativism.


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