Tuesday, January 09, 2007


New 8 GB Flash memory stick from Sony

I just bought my Mom a Sony DSC-W70 camera at 7.2 mega pixels has better photo quality than in needed by the human eye. The memory stick was a measly 32 mbs so I replaced it with a 1 gb pro duo that I had bought last year and misplaced. Do'h, those things ain't cheap. The 1 gb allows for a ridiculous amount of photos and about 44 minutes of video recording. You're going to run out of battery life before you run out of memory. Now Sony has the the 8 gb memory stick pro duo; it must be translated from Japanese because it sounds so awkward in English. (Via Kotaku.)

2000 thousand songs on a flash memory chip that barely weighs two ounces. Transfer that chip between your PS3 and Sony Ericsson phone and you can have your music library with you all the time. At $300 it is a little pricey but wait a year...and then get the 32 gb stick for the same price.


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