Friday, January 12, 2007


Wide Awake in Seattle

A little fairness and honesty seems inconvenient for Al Gore and his movie:

The school board in this suburb south of Seattle has restricted showings of Al Gore's movie on global warming, including requiring that it be balanced with an adequate opposing viewpoint...

"We have to ensure that our schools are not being used to politically indoctrinate anyone," said board member Dave Larson, who with Barney and board member Charlie Hoff voted Tuesday for the requirements.

Emphasis mine. School boards everywhere need more like Mr. Larson.

"I am shocked that a school district would come to this decision," the movie's co-producer, Laurie David, said in a prepared statement. "There is no opposing view to science, which is fact, and the facts are clear that global warming is here, now."

Laurie David does not seem interested in presenting all the facts. Like the existence of an opposing view, for one.


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