Sunday, February 25, 2007


Ayaan Hirsi Ali pwns Darrell Issa

I saw this on Real Time w/Bill Maher. A show I usually skip. I check who is on and if it is anyone interesting I watch them. (Thank G_d for Tivo.) Ayaan Hirsi Ali is always worth catching and this show was wonderful because liberals have a really hard time criticizing women, especially black women, especially if they are living in the West because they escaped an arranged marriage. So AHA got her chance to speak without some inane Hollywood moron interupting her. This weeks moron was Steven Weber.

I was not disappointed but not for the reason that I thought going into watching the show. It turns out the real moron was Rep. Darrell Issa (R-California). Watch and enjoy.

So which is more terrifying? He did not know about Dhimmitude or he knew and still wanted to perpetuate the myth of Christians, Jews, and Muslims living in peace for a thousand years in the middle east? Answer: the latter.

John O adds: What is truly terrifying is that Issa is perfectly representative of our entire political class. Newt Gingrich (41:55) observes:
...but we are in a fight with the elites. The elites, just as in the 1930's the English elite was desperate not to think of Adolf Hitler. The American elite is desperate not to confront how serious this is because it will shatter their entire worldview. And so they are doing everything they can to avoid it. And, sadly, the president, who has many strengths, does not have the strength of being articulate. And this is when you need somebody like Lincoln.
Exactly. Someone who, unlike Bush, is articulate and tough; willing to be direct when speaking about the war and to fight entrenched interests in Washington if doing so proves necessary to effectively prosecute the war. So far, the only candidate who seems to have these qualities is Rudy Giuliani.

Bill C adds: Take a hard look at Romney.


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