Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Baby News

First the latest pictures.

I don't know if you can see it but the baby looks as if it is smiling, or has gas, or is relieving himself because the technician said his bladder was full. Little Gus is 27 weeks and everything is looking good except for one thing. The placenta is low and coming close to covering the cervix which would be a placenta previa, the same problem we had with our last pregnancy. What this means is that Inna must be very careful about exerting herself which means we are going to hire someone to clean the apartment or I could get off my butt and do it. Since she had a caesarian section less than two years ago we knew that she would be having a c-section this time around. Because of the placenta being near the cervix that means we are aiming for 38 weeks. We are both happy to have the baby a little early. Circumstances might make that earlier. I did not know this but the doctor said we would not have to worry too much about lung development after 34 weeks. That means no steroids for lung development but probably some time in an incubator.

Starting in a few weeks we are going to the doctor weekly for check ups and fetal stress tests. They have a tiny treadmill the baby will "run" on while electrodes monitor the babies heart rate. At least that is what I imagined when the doctor told us about it. It does involve monitoring the babies heart rate for 20 or so minutes to make sure he is not getting stressed out. We have to watch for bleeding and activity. So far, the baby has been a dancing fool so he is not had any trouble to date. We also found out we will be delivering at Rush North Shore which is a few minutes from our doctors office.

Inna is having trouble getting comfortable and says she is bored with being pregnant. She wants the baby now but I told her she needs to enjoy this time because she will be very busy soon. I haven't received a call from the assistant to Rahm Emanuel so I am going to call them tomorrow. It sure would help if Inna's mother was able to be here for the birth. Unfortunately, the heartless immigration system does not consider hardship into its calculation of who gets into the country to visit.


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