Monday, February 05, 2007


O'Reilly goes after Arkin

I have almost never seen him this pissed off about anything. (Via LGF) Only the moonbat kid whose father died during 9/11 set him off more. Here is the commentary section w/ info babe Michelle Malkin. (Via HotAir)

I think Arkin's days are numbered at either WaPo or NBC or both. When O'Reilly starts crusading he doesn't stop. I picture snotty Fox News producers following Arkin until he takes a swing at one of them just like Ward Churchill. "Why do you hate America, Mr Arkin?" (Pop.) Then he will go back to Human Rights Watch where he doesn't have to temper his leftism. Just want to get this prediction in eary because if I could still bet on Tradesports and Arkin's career was on it, it would be a no brainer to short.


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