Thursday, February 01, 2007


PC or Mac?

I don't know. But Apple's recent ad campaign got me thinking and looking around for other opinions. I'm not currently in the market for a computer but recently I began sharing my aging laptop with an inexperienced and impatient button pusher which has caused me to consider the possibility of being forced into the market at any time.

When I purchased my laptop with Windows XP I didn't give the Mac any thought. I didn't know there was that much difference and the popularity of PC's and the ease software compatibility and availability seemed to make it an easy choice.

I'll have to consult some Mac users to see what they think. Are Macs immune to viruses because their operating system is better or just because they have no market presence to attract trouble? Do Macs run better and thus crash less frequently or not at all?

My needs are for home and business use which I'm not sure a Mac is right for since I use a PC at work. I'm beginning to believe that Macs are much better for home use but not as compatible with the work applications I would need to run.


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