Friday, February 09, 2007


Rahm Emmanuel is at Jewel

I just back from the Jewel at 4200 N . Lincoln. I started to tell him that the online gambling ban would be a good issue for the Democrats and he said they will be looking into the banning gambling during the next session. Huh? No, I explained. This is the ban that Frist push through during the last session. He realized that he had been caught not paying attention to what I said and attempted to brush it off as not understanding me.

Anyway, his assitant promised to look into getting my mother-in-law into the country so I gave them my contact info and she said she would call next week. When I described the problem she knew exactly what I was talking about which makes me think a lot of people are having similar trouble with immigration. You have to prove to them that you will return to your home country and, frankly, almost no one in Russia has enough assets anchored in the motherland to keep them there. For what it's worth, if they help me do this I will be honor bound to vote for him.


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