Wednesday, February 28, 2007


The Snail's Pace Continues

The results are not final but Helen Shiller has been re-elected as Chicago's 46th ward alderman. I was surprised at the low turnout currently reported as 37% with Shiller getting about 5,800 votes. I thought there would be about 1,500 more votes cast but that didn't happen.

On the positive side Shiller received about 400 less votes in 2007 than in 2003 despite there being more votes cast. She may have benefited from early voting and the opportunity to bribe voters with pizza parties and free state ID's but the election process appeared free of any fraud from all the reports I've read from poll watchers.

I agree with the IrishPirate's assessment that Uptown will continue to get better but the pace will just remain slow. Thanks for all the hard work IP, Shiller is the anchor to your ship's forward progress. Helen passing the chains on to her son Brendan through retirement/appointment or through the election process must be resisted.

Despite the election results I shall hoist a glass of my finest home brewed beverage this evening and toast to the good work of IP and WTH.


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