Friday, February 02, 2007


Super Bowl Prediction

I'd like to see the Bears win on Sunday. It would be more fun for me and make for a great party atmosphere here in Chicago. But I'm afraid I think the Colts are going to win.

I don't think Grossman's passing will be a big factor in this game despite what I'm hearing elsewhere. He will make some big plays and he will make some mistakes but I don't believe that will be the key to the game. If the Bears win it will be with turnovers and special teams plays. They wont control the game with the run. They might have success on the ground but not enough to dominate. I think Grossman throws a TD pass or two as well as an interception or two but where he might have a key impact is with fumbles. If he can't feel the pressure coming he is liable to fumble the ball more than once. The Colts wont be in the backfield every play but they will get there and Rex needs to be ready for that.

The Colts will move the ball with short passes and with the run. The Bears defense is good but they can't shut down the Colts offense. The Colts might be the team playing ball control and slowly moving down field the way they did against the Patriots two weeks ago. I think they faced a pretty good defense in Baltimore three weeks ago and were able to win the game on the road. I don't know if the Bears are ready for such a big victory yet. They haven't played a playoff game away from Soldier Field in some time and I think that matters.

I think this will be a high scoring game and the Colts will come out on top. My prediction is Colts 37 Bears 27.

And as long as I am making a prediction how about something long term. Bears over the Colts in a rematch in February of 2009. The Bears schedule will be brutal next year as they face the AFC West and NFC East divisions as well as New Orleans and Seattle. They might not make the playoffs next year but they will be back in 2008 ready to win it all.

Bill C:

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