Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Uptown Uprising

Updated 4:20pm

There could be a revolution taking place in Chicago's 46th ward right now. The current alderman, Helen Shiller, has served since 1987 and is running against James Cappleman in today's election. This isn't the Berlin Wall coming down or even the Orange Revolution but it is a big deal.

My first experience in Uptown was driving to the Riviera Theater on Lawrence and Broadway to see a band (GTR) play in 1986. My impression of the area at that time was that it was kind of a dump. And not much has changed.

That is why I would like to see the alderman change. Shiller has been re-elected several times since but by some close margins. Uptown has made some improvements over the years but it seems that it is the residents who are cleaning things up and with resistance rather than help from the alderman.

I'd like to ask everyone to vote for Cappleman but I realize that most who read this blog are not registered to vote in the 46th ward of Chicago. I hope Shiller respects such rules regarding voting but I doubt it. With all the complaining about vote fraud in local and national elections I think it would be a good idea to purge the entire voting register nationwide and then allow all the living citizens to register, only once each though.

I don't know if I want to make a prediction on today's election but since others have gone on record (IrishPirate: Cappleman 7500 - 5700, Russ Stewart: Shiller will win again, but just barely, WTH: Cappleman, as long as WE ALL VOTE!) I will go on record too: Cappleman by 1,000 votes. Shiller seems to rely on bribing and bussing her voters to the polls and I don't think she will be gaining any voters this time so a big turnout will favor Cappleman.

Either way the blogger who runs WhatTheHelen did a fine job and spent a lot of time providing a good service to the community. I'm not sure when the election results will be known but hopefully tomorrow night I will be hoisting a glass of my finest home brewed beverage in a celebratory toast to WTH and the IrishPirate and Cappleman's victory in the 46th ward .

Update: I don't like what I'm reading at the Buena Park Message Board from a poll watcher:

* I have seen the same ID submitted 4 times.
* I have seen 6 people that early voted attempt to revote
* I have seen Shilleristas, literally bring in High and Drunk people and try to "help" them vote, saying they needed assistance.

Turns out the lady trying to Vote for the drunk people is Connie Dwade, an election judge across the street in a different precinct, that’s right, she abandoned her post to commit voter fraud.

The judge there appears to have been in control but this is just one precinct.


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