Thursday, March 29, 2007


McCain considered leaving party?

John O has been very concerned about a Hillary Clinton presidency for quite some time. It was my contention that this is simple not going to happen because roughly 1/2 of the electorate will not vote for Hillary. What could tip the balance is an independent candidate taking votes from the Republican a la Ross Perot. Hmmm, what Republican is crazy enough to do that?

St. John, say it isn't so!

John O adds: The thing I fear most about a Hillary presidency is that, aided by an ever more compliant judiciary, she'll act like an authoritarian while ceding as much US soveriegnty as possible to international institutions -- especially the UN, which her husband aspires (with her help) to one day lead.

I've long considered Hillary even money for the Presidency; in other words, it would be a matter of luck if we're able to dodge a second Clinton administration. But I'm becomming ever more optomistic. A serious independent or third party candidate who ran to Hillary's right would all but ensure a victory for her, but I don't think it will happen. I used to fear either Guliani or McCain might be tempted to run independently. As the GOP front runner, Guliani certainly won't. I don't think McCain can run as a credible independent. He's having difficulty raising money the old fasioned way and he's alienated too many internet-related constituencies to try that route.

I also think that someone (Ralph Nader?) will run as an independent on an anti-war platform, which will drain support from her candidacy. Hillary has alienated many on the far left who will never vote for her. Kos is one of them, and he could do a lot of damage to her candidicy if he lent his support to someone like Nader.

(Bye the way, I just don't believe the rumors about McCain switching aliegances in the Senate. He couldn't have switched sides and remained a credible Presidential contender.)

Bill C adds:

There are several Democratic sources who say McCain's aid approached them. He might have been thinking about going independent which would not have necessarily hindered his chances of running for President. At least in his mind. He thinks of himself as a maverick so he might not be bothered about running for President as an independent. That is scary because he would surely draw more Republicans than Democrats and ensure a Clinton victory. I think the Obama luster is starting to fade and Hillary will look like more of a shoe in for the nomination next year.


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