Wednesday, April 18, 2007



When do our protests cross into censorship? If someone doesn't like a broadcaster then don't watch/listen. How about letting other people know that you find it objective? How about letting their sponsors know you find it objective? Imus' defenestration is troubling to me only in that it gives creditability to the race hustlers. But I really can't object to them complaining, afterall, that is their right. I want to have the same right to complain about others who I find offensive like Rosie. But I doubt that what any of the complaints will have any affect until it hits ABC's bottom line.

I think Imus' firing really bothers a lot of libertarians because we want to defend the rights of minorities, especially free speech. However, there are community standards which the majority of people want to see upheld particularly on public airwaves and that is not necessarily a bad thing. Imus will be back on a smaller medium; probably satellite. He won't be silenced and will be more free to say what is on his mind. The only difference being those who want to hear him will have to spend a little more time and effort. No one is owed the right to speak via any media. We are just guaranteed the right to speak. The market will determine if what we say is broadcast.

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