Wednesday, April 11, 2007


What a week!

Between Imus, Birkhead finding out he was the father, and the Duke rape case being dropped I haven't seen a week of news like this...ever. I plan on commenting on some of these developments in the near future but first I want to point out some good news coming from the world of science. A new cancer treatment that promises to drastically cut the bad side effects of chemotherapy drugs by making them more effective.

The scientists grew cells from human lung cancers in the test tube and tested the ability of anti-cancer drugs such as Taxol to attack them after treatment with RNA-interference (RNA-i).

The RNA-i technique in this experiment was designed to "silence" or switch off certain genes in the tumour that appear to be turned on as part of the cancerous process. This made the cells dramatically more susceptible to the anti-cancer drugs.

On top of that Inna and I went to the doctor this week and she told us to start thinking about when we want to have the c-section. She gave us a window of one week: May 10th to 17th. We are discussing this but we would like to get your input. I must say I am not partial to the 17th as I am an egoist who wants to keep that day special to yours truly. ;-)


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