Monday, May 07, 2007


America's Next Top Mom

Countdown to parenthood

One of Inna's favorite shows shows that she watches because there is nothing else on is America's Next Top Model which airs on Sunday nights at 8 p.m. (Feel free to guess who made me change that last sentence.) Yep, at the same time as the Sopranos. Thank goodness for Tivo. The show is down to the final four candidates one of whom is a Russian girl named Natasha who came to the U.S. to marry an American man. Not quite our story but close enough. The funny thing is that her husband is 40 something and the rest of the girls think it is crazy being married to an old man. I keep telling Inna that she could easily get work as a model. Being 9 months pregnant and quite a bit bigger than her normal 51.5 kg. she is not feeling particularly modelesque right now.

What surprises me about the show is how average these girls look without the make up and the benefit of a professional photographer. Granted, they are skinny and none of them are ugly but a whole lot goes into making their photos into something special.

Inna loves fashion and beauty. Because of this she wants to go into hair styling. I think this is perfect for her. She has a lot of energy, I don't see her sitting in an office and I can get free haircuts! Of course she will need volunteers to practice on. Right now she is getting ready for the baby who will be arriving promptly on Thursday. I have no doubt she will be America's Next Top Mom.



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