Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Women's Rights

The Bookworm Room writes of a friend's views that I have always thought should be more obvious:

So I took him very seriously during a conversation shortly after 9/11 when we were talking about Islamists. I don’t remember what led up to it, but I distinctly remember him telling me that the intense hatred the Islamists feel towards the West all boils down to women. He argued convincingly that the Islamists are absolutely terrified that Western influences will break the choke hold they have on their women. That is, they’re not afraid that Westernism will increase their crime rates, or change their architecture, or mess with their traditions. Their overriding fear is that their women will be unveiled and become free to live as independent human beings, with intelligence and aspirations extending far beyond the burqa and harem.

Emphasis mine. It would seem to me that more women in the U.S. should be aware of this but unfortunately that does not seem to be the case.


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