Friday, May 04, 2007


Sarkozy as French President could make our lives much easier

According to the most recent polls and with voting to begin Sunday morning in France it is all but assured that Nikolas Sarkozy will be the next president of France. Sarkozy is about as pro-American as a French politician can be. He is the law and order candidate who as interior minister during the rioting in the fall of 2005 did not mince words when it came to describing the thugs who set upon French society.

His opponent, the Socialist Royal, has opened the leftist playbook on how to deal with candidates from the right raising the specter of social disorder and authoritarianism to scare the French people. It isn't working. The French seem to be tired of high unemployment, domestic insecurity, and have turned to a candidate who unabashedly looks across the ocean and sees an ally who he admires. Sarkozy's opponents have labelled him Sarko the American as an slur. Yet, it hasn't hurt him.

What this could mean for U.S. foreign policy is a much greater chance of dealing with a recalcitrant Iran. The Iranians will no longer be able to stall nuclear inspections without French support. Iran is terribly dependent on the EU for key goods. At this point, it might be too much to hope for, but I choose to be optimistic. French opposition in the UN and other international bodies has been a huge impediment to America's fight against radical Islamists. France as an ally in this fight will be invaluable and will put pressure on the center-left in the US to more fully engage in the fight. Do they want to be to the left of the French?

I see a Sarkozy victory as huge boon to US-French relations and a key component in a united Western front against totalitarianism.

Go Sarko!

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