Friday, May 18, 2007


Waiting for the other shoe to drop

Being a parent is much, much easier than I thought. Inna and I were discussing this last night and sweet William is so sweet we can't believe our luck. For the first time my wife managed to get through the night with only one feeding at 4 am then another at about 8.30 am. Not only that, this baby is so calm he makes a Buddhist monk look like 16 year old American girl. We can count on one hand the number of times he went into a full throated cry because of some mistake we made during his sponge bath or changing. Yet, as soon as we rectify the problem he goes back to his zen-like state, I hate to admit it but we deserved worse. He has a little diaper rash which we are treating and he scrunches up his face while we apply the Balmex but that's it. Even his poop doesn't smell.

So that is why I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. Maybe when he realizes he has us rapped around his little finger. Maybe when he becomes more aware of his world and what to expect. Any of you parents want to chime in and let us know the folly of taking our first week with this baby as indicative of his future personality? For the time being we are thanking G_d for our luck. Heck, we might even go for a girl before our planned 3 to 4 year waiting period.

Or it could be because we are such awesome parents. Yup.



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