Friday, May 11, 2007


William Augustus

Holding Dad's hand. He has some grip. He grabbed the nurse's glove and would not let go. I am told he looks like me. Sparse hair and pudgy.

Inna said the worst thing about yestersdays c-section was the catheter. It all went so quickly. They gave her a spinal which numbed her lower body while I waited outside in the corridor. When they invited me in she was prepped. Lying on the table with her arms outstretched I was invited to sit in a chair near her head, a sheet separating us from the surgery. Inna was a little nervous but the doctors were very good about explaining to her what she would be feeling and there were no surprises. I took some pictures and video then decided to save the camera's battery life for the first cry. I did not have to wait long. Our doctor, Helen Plavnik, brought him around the screen to show us and then handed him off to another doctor for cleaning and removing liquid from his sinus'. He cried a good deal but this was good as it cleared out his lungs.

They gave me the baby to show Inna and then I went with him to the nursery for measuring while Inna was sown up. He weighed in at 7 lbs., 1 oz., 50 cm. in length. Very good for being a couple of weeks under cooked. While there I got a call off to Inna's and my mother. When we were finished we went into our room where a groggy Inna was waiting. We spent the day learning about the baby. William took to breast feeding with no trouble. I changed my first diaper. I left a little after 8 p.m. to get dinner and sleep in my own bed. I awoke at 6.30 this morning feeling wonderful and very excited about seeing my wife and son. I can't believe how much the world can change in one day.



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