Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Another vote for the "Fairness Doctrine"

George Voinovich is not a smart man

If you ever wonder why Americans of all political stripes do not trust or are particularly confident in the U.S. congress do yourself a favor and listen to Voinovich make a fool of himself on Sean Hannity's show.

I almost feel sorry for him. It really cannot be fun to be grilled on issues of which you have so little knowledge but what really is funny is George's faux good humor when he realizes that Hannity is not going to give him a pass. Then the senator can't handle the difficult questions so he feigns indignation and slinks off. It's painful to hear if you have any respect for the man but I really don't. In fact, I have heard although he might not be as dumb as Sam Brownback he is close.

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