Wednesday, June 06, 2007


George W Bush is a genius, The big immigration con

I finally got it. The immigration bill that is currently being debated has split the Republican party. Split it between the people who employ illegals and those who compete against them for jobs. Well it turns out that the Democrats have the same dilemma. Elites who want cheap labor and those who don't. Just read the comments and you can see that liberals are feed up with illegal immigration. While they may approach the issue from a different point of view they come to the same conclusion as most conservatives. Illegal immigration is bad for our country because it drives wages down.

I am not surprised to have heard that the bill is running into difficulties. I, like Diego, thought that this bill would be like the Harriet Miers nomination and quickly go away because of overwhelming dislike of the particulars. My fear is that it is not going away fast enough and that fear is exaserbated by knowing that it is our political class which is pushing for 'reform', the voters be damned.

Frank Luntz was on Fox on a couple of different shows. I can't be bothered to find which but I think it was in this one where he said that the immigration issue is off the charts as far as the leaders not hearing the base. And that is because they aren't listening. I don't know how this could be possible because the decible level is getting pretty loud where I am standing.

Then it hit me while I was reading the comments to the above linked Huffington Post post. What could possibly get Democratic voters to vote for a Republican? What issue does the rightwing own? And what issue are the Democrat Presidential candidates treating with kid gloves? Immigration! About a week or so ago, Newt did an interview with...I forget but he said that the only way a Republican was going to win was if he ran away from George W Bush the same way Nick Sarkozy ran from Chirac in France. Like us, France has a immigration problem and Sarkozy took a hardline against it.

So, follow me here, Bush is setting up Fred Thompson to win the WH by snookering the Democrats into supporting a bill that a majority large minority of Democratic voters don't like. Fred will be the only top tier Presidential candidate who is solidly for border security and this will be the top issue in the next election. Brilliant! Or it is just working out this way by chance. But aren't conspiracy theories more fun?

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