Thursday, June 07, 2007


The immigration bill is dead

Let the trumpets sound and the children sing, our country is...well...still has a big immigration problem. The good news is that it won't be made worse by offering amnesty to all the illegals who are here.


Via MM big bill demise roundup, Polipundit told us last year after the election that losing the Senators we did probably made an immigration bill less likely. Look at the Dems who voted no on cloture.

D - Baucus, Bingaman, Boxer, Byrd, Dorgan, Landrieu, McCaskill, Pryor, Rockefeller, Tester, Webb

Via Hot Air, Rightwing News says that it was South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint who was instrumental in killing the immigration bill according to an anonymous Senate staffer.

At that point, all the senators who were participants in the "Grand Compromise" AKA the "Masters of the Universe" by the opponents of the bill, leaned on DeMint to try to get him to give consent for the bill to move forward. Unfortunately for them, DeMint wouldn't budge. This essentially killed the entire afternoon that the pro-amnesty side hoped to use to shore up support for the bill.

While DeMint was gumming up the works, the opponents of the bill, including most prominently Jim DeMint, Jeff Sessions, and Tom Coburn, huddled and came up with a list of conservative amendments they wanted considered.

The "Grand Compromise" crowd didn't want a lot of these amendments to be voted on because either some of the amendments would have been accepted and it would have killed the bill or alternately, they would have had to vote against common sense enforcement measures and made themselves look bad.

It seems that the "Masters of Disaster" tried to force this bill through the Senate as fast as possible but the few Senators opposed to amnesty used the Senate rules to gum up the works. The bill is not completely dead but it is so crippled it would take a miracle to save. The light of day is lethal to a stinker like this bill which is exactly what the blogosphere shone on it. This is a victory every bit as important as the Harriet Miers fiasco and the 'wingnut, hypochondriac, etc.' members of the blogosphere and talkradio have every right to crow about this victory.

I want to point out for special scorn the editorial board of the WSJ. They slander the anti-illegal immigration side of this debate and when challenged to a debate, under what I consider very fair circumstances, they respond by saying that they will discuss the matter on their TV show which is moderated by Paul Gigot. Very disappointing.



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