Thursday, June 28, 2007


Live blogging cloture vote

I am a little lot late on this but I have heard no from Burr, McConnell and...(drumroll please) Mr. I-won't-be-intimidated-by-the-voters Voinovich. It seems like a lot of senators have waited to the end to see where the wind is blowing and the nays are coming in fast and furious.

Nays are 53.

Cloture does not pass!!!

Reid immediately pulls legislation but says it will come back in the future. We can only hope not.

BTW Mom, Ensign voted no.

Update: Brownback voted for closure then saw the writing on the wall and changed his vote to no. He wasn't smart enough to wait for the fence sitters like Webb to vote. What a moron! Hahahaha. He is going to take a lot of grief for that vote.

Diego: Some big names pushed hard for this bill yet so far it has still failed to pass. Bush, Kennedy, Reid, Lott to name a few; all were denied. I like that. This was a top level, bipartisan scam that has been stopped for now.

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