Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Rudy tacks right, McCain '08 bid losing steam

Rudy Guiliani has released a 12 point pledge, a contract if you will, outlining his priorities for a Guiliani administration. (Via NRO) As Byron York points out, pledge number two has to do with immigration and one has to wonder if the Guiliani campaign would be as concerned with immigration if they hadn't seen what happened to McVain in the polls.

The big story is Fred Thompson's launch into a virtual tie with Rudy. All of the Republican candidates have suffered vs. Fred but none more than Maverick. Hence, the cynic in me thinks, Rudy is trying to brand himself as a conservative. But it won't work. He has too much baggage. I like Rudy but I worry that once he is president he can do whatever he wants. That is why the past positions you have held matter more than your current rhetoric.

I am a Fred fan but objectively it is hard to imagine any other candidate winning the nomination at this point. Barring scandals and an unlikely poor performance, Thompson has seized the mantle of conservative and this should be enough. Rudy has the libertarians but that support is capped as you can see his poll numbers have steadily eroded.

(Via Hotair, Fred was on Leno's show last night and performed well.) Also, Hotair points to an article at in which Fred's opponents lay out avenues of attack against Fred.

Politico runs down the five points on which Fred’s Republican rivals are going to try to hit him. Three of them focus on his alleged centrism — his voting record, his support for McCain-Feingold, and his flirtation with a federalist pro-choice position, which ironically is belied by his actual voting record. I eagerly await watching Rudy McRomney trying to tar someone else as too liberal. As for the other points, his history as a lobbyist and his record as a trial lawyer, they’re less than meaningless. Particularly given that his most famous moments as a lawyer are (a) exposing corruption in Watergate, (b) exposing corruption in the Tennessee governor’s office, and (c) fighting corruption on “Law & Order.”

If the worst they have against Fred is supporting McCain-Feingold, which he has admitted was a mistake, then he should have clear sailing.

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