Monday, July 16, 2007


Baby news: Vaccinations

We went to see our Russian pediatrician, Tanya Kagan, for William's two month visit and his first set of vaccinations. Ouch! He got two shots, one in each thigh, and a liquid which he didn't seem to like very much. True to his character William cried while getting the shots but quickly calmed down to his usual mellow self. Mom didn't take it as well and had to leave the room when the shots were administered.

The doctor related a story of a man whose blood pressure shot up because of his daughter's screaming during vaccinations. The doctor thought he might have a stroke. William weighed in at 12 lbs., 8 oz. gaining 2 and a half pounds in a month which is approximately 1.3 oz./day. He is 23 inches long growing 1 and 3/4 inches.

Update: My wife and I got the scare of our lives when the baby started screaming around 7 pm. She tried feeding him but he would have none of it and then she gave him to me to swing which usually calms him down. Not this time. Then I noticed the area around the shots had swollen. I called the doctor and talked to her nurse who suggested I check his temperature while she paged the doctor. His temp was 100.3. The doctor said this is a normal reaction and to give him infant (liquid) Tylenol which I ran to the local CVS and bought. By the time I got back his swelling had already gone down and he had calmed somewhat. We gave him the medicine and he went to sleep for most of the evening. We had about 30 minutes of fear.

Tonight, after he awoke, he was his usual happy self. Gurgling and cooing. He seems to like the grape flavored Tylenol. He is still running a slight fever but we are a good deal more calm.



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