Monday, July 23, 2007


Global Warming Psychology

This post is triggered by a program on the History channel about the little ice age. To the point, the narrator brings up the possibility of an ice age triggered by global warming. Then the show veers into the geopolitical fallout of a 9 degree fall in temperature. The biggest laugh I have gotten is a description of China's Navy challenging the US Navy in the Persian Gulf. Puh-leeease.

This program got me thinking about the mentality that accepts global warming as a given and I have realized one thing. We worry about global warming because it is not something the average person can easily imagine the human species overcoming. If it was global cooling being pushed by the left as the catastrophy du jour then it is not so hard to imagine how humanity would survive. Why? Because we have an almost limitless ability to heat the planet via nuclear fission. This lead me to another thought. If you want to get peoples attention to your cause you better come up with a something to fear that is truly frightening. So as humanity progresses and our knowledge increases our fears become more complex. And the fearmongerers have to think that much harder.



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