Thursday, July 26, 2007


Roundup of housing videos

Here are some videos related to the housing bubbles bursting I thought I would share. Remember prices have not really begun to fall, at least not according to the gov't stats.

A glut of homes in Sacramento. Unattended homes are not good for a neighborhood.

The Flip This House scam. (Bill O mentioned this to me. I had seen shows with this guy on them and the sales always seemed too good to be true.)

Real Estate cheerleaders. It is just funny to watch the willful disregard for risk which a bubble generates.

Homeowners learn the hard way that something is only worth what others will pay for it. A lot of people will be learning this lesson in the near future.

There are dozens of similar videos on YouTube all illustrating the slow deflation of the housing bubble. Without a housing market ticker to watch I guess this is as close as we will get to seeing the prices fall in real time. Enjoy the show. Homes are places you live, not piggy banks.



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