Friday, August 17, 2007


30 Years and Change

Elvis Presley died 30 years ago yesterday. I don't remember that day. But I do remember the day after when I was told about it only because I was playing at my friends house down the block and his mother, an Elvis fan, asked that we go to the store and buy a newspaper to read the details and perhaps save as a keepsake.

I didn't think much of the request at the time except that she had never asked us to buy a newspaper before. We rode our bikes about a half mile to the store and bought the paper and I believe some milk and brought it back no problem.

I've thought about that over the years but not because of anything Elvis. What I remember most is that I had only just turned seven years old and my friend was five, soon to be six. There was nothing wrong with that in my mind but I wonder how acceptable or common it is today to send a seven and five year old off to the store a half mile away by themselves.


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