Friday, August 03, 2007


Where to Spend

Getting priorities right.

Popular Mechanics (via Instapundit) points out how we have neglected our infrastructure:

"The fact is that Americans have been squandering the infrastructure legacy bequeathed to us by earlier generations. Like the spoiled offspring of well-off parents, we behave as though we have no idea what is required to sustain the quality of our daily lives."....

"In the end, investigators may find that there are unique and extraordinary reasons why the I-35W bridge failed. But the graphic images of buckled pavement, stranded vehicles, twisted girders and heroic rescuers are a reminder that infrastructure cannot be taken for granted. The blind eye that taxpayers and our elected officials have been turning to the imperative of maintaining and upgrading the critical foundations that underpin our lives is irrational and reckless."

Political promises of anything new seem to be good for getting votes but new programs and projects are only directing funds away from the infrastructure we depend on.


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