Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Duke non-Rape Case Aftermath

KC Johnson excoriates the group of 88 and their stubborn refusal to change their minds in the face of evidence that they were totally wrong. Does not leave me with a lot of hope that any progress in Iraq will be acknowledged by the Literati.

John Leo has a list of things you probably didn't know about the peripheral aspects of the case. Gotta say it isn't shocking that the nurse activist who reported Mangum's condition was quoting feminist dogma.

Tara Levicy, the nurse who reported on the condition of Crystal Mangum after the alleged rape, shrugged off the absence of physical evidence of assault and the lack of lacrosse-player DNA with a feminist slogan: "Rape is about power, not passion."

And false rape charges are about revenge.

Diego adds: Revenge is a good way to put it but I think some women want to change the definition of rape. Based on arguments I've read and heard over the years I've begun to realize that some really define rape as regret. To put it simply then if a women feels bad after interacting with a man then the man is at fault. The actual events that took place are irrelevant.



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