Sunday, September 02, 2007


To Women: What Men think about

And it isn't just me because I have had this conversation with different guy friends.

What is the next step in super-awesome TV technology. So far, I have lead Diego to the beloved Westy and I can't complain and I don't think he would, either. But I am looking to the future, children will do that to you, and I am wondering what is the next step in TV tech. The truth is that the future of displays is wide open with no clear technology coming which will dominate. As of this moment we have plasma and LCD battling each with their own advantages. As a non-homeowner, plasma is too delicate so I have caste my dollars with LCD. Not that this choice of standard locks me into purchasing anything in the future like choosing blu-ray over hd-dvd would. Still, there is a certain amount of manly pride which goes with selecting a product which shows staying power.

Recently I have discovered a friend and poker buddy who has a Epson Powerlite. I'm I jealous? Of course I am. Am I going to go nuts and pay huge sums to out tech him? No. I have a kid. Yeah, I have thought about this but it is my hobby to look for the best tech stuff and lust after it. But I ain't as rich as I used to be. Besides, TV tech is changing so rapidly that it is possible to buy something which will be out of style so much faster than it used to be. Which is why you should read this link. A new type of TV which will dwarf them all due out in 2010. Is it LCD? LED? I'm guessing OLED. Anyway, can you imagine a TV that is 2.8 meters in length? Can you Chris? Look upon my display and despair all you might!



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