Thursday, October 18, 2007


Ellen DeGeneres and Iggy the Dog

So, as I understand it, Ellen adopted a dog (Iggy) from a shelter (Mutts & Moms) but when Iggy couldn't get along with her cats she decided to give Iggy to her hair dresser. When Ellen adopted Iggy she signed a contract that (likely?) required her give Iggy back to Mutts first if there was a problem. So when Mutts called to see how Iggy was doing and found Iggy was with the hair dresser they took Iggy back.

I understand why Mutts would retain the right to do this. They want to make sure the dog gets a good home and is not just kicked out somewhere undesirable. But this seems to be more about power than care for dogs to me.

I'm no big fan of Ellen as an entertainer but this should be about care for animals. If Mutts thought her a good fit for Iggy why wouldn't they trust her judgement in finding an alternative? And what is wrong with the hair dresser? There might be good answers to those questions. Without a reply from Mutts I'm inclined to think they just want the power to get to decide where Iggy goes. It seems the easiest solution would have been to evaluate the hair dresser and leave the situation alone unless there was a problem.

UPDATE: A representative from Mutts & Moms was on the O'Reilly Factor last night and said that they did give the hair dresser an opportunity to fill out some paperwork and keep Iggy. In his opinion Ellen displayed typical Hollywood arrogance and ignored the request and instead suggested legal action if Mutts tried to take Iggy back.

I still don't like Mutts' getting involved if they thought Ellen was a responsible pet owner in the first place but if they did give Ellen and the hair dresser an opportunity to simply fill out paperwork to solve the problem then that changes things in my mind. Ellen's cry episode does not seem honest in light of this.


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