Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Lions for Lambs plugged by...

...Blogger David Atkins of the Daily Kos! I kid you not. That is in the ad for the film that is playing right now. I just happened to catch the DK part and, thanks to Tivo, caught this on tape. (Now if I could only transfer videos from Tivo to my PC.) The end of the ad for this movie are the usual "Extraordinary" and "Must See" and both of these endorsements come from this same Daily Kos diarist.

I guess they know their target audience. Here is his bio:

Atkins is president and founder of The Pollux Group, Inc., a qualitative research consultancy specializing in emerging technologies and the changing trends in consumer and socio-political behavior created by the Millennial Generation. A lifelong resident of Los Angeles, he has served as advisor and consultant to corporate and political clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to congressional campaigns. Posting under the name thereisnospoon, Atkins is currently a frontpage editor at MyLeftWing and former editor at Booman Tribune, in addition to contributing regularly at DailyKos on framing and other issues. He is also a co-founder of Political Nexus, a Netroots Radio blog featuring a variety of Internet radio shows using the blogtalkradio platform, including topical policy discussions and interviews with important Netroots figures. [Emphasis added.]

Framing, as in spinning facts in order to look more favorably on a point of view, which explains why he likes this movie.


We have been Hot Airtapulted and LGFalaunched giving us our biggest number of hits since we started. Unfortunately I did catch this until I got a call from John O waking me from my mid-afternoon nap. All the usual blather about please check out the rest of this site, better yet, I am going to put up my bank routing number so you can just send me money.



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