Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Rewriting The Past

Turner Classics Movies devoted last night's programming to films credited to members of the Hollywood Ten. Spencer Warren notes:
The story given over and over again on Turner, and which is beloved of left-wing Hollywood (which also is commemorating the anniversary), is that the Ten were innocent progressives deprived of their constitutional rights at the behest of right-wingers, their careers and lives destroyed. But this is only part of the truth. For years its host, Robert Osborne, and its website have repeatedly dismissed the Communist threat of the 1940’s and ‘50s. True, the blacklist was a poisonous period. Many hundreds of innocent people–-including those who had joined the Communist Party of the USA only briefly--were victimized by informers, and their careers and lives were ruined or severely damaged. Let us complete the story, however. Most of the Ten were members-–in secret--of the CPUSA, while a few had been members in the past and only briefly. For the staunch CPUSA members in particular, this meant they were part of a secret conspiracy pledged to the overthrow of our constitutional democracy by a Communist dictatorship. Further, as we now know from Communist archives in Moscow that were declassified after the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 (including the archives of the CPUSA located there), as well as the declassified Venona records resulting from our breaking of Soviet codes, the CPUSA was directly funded and obedient to Joseph Stalin’s Moscow. The CPUSA was a devoted promoter of Soviet propaganda and an eager participant in Soviet espionage.
(Via Powerline.)

How despicable. Warren aptly references Orwell's famous quote:
"He who controls the past commands the future. He who commands the future conquers the past."
Soviet propaganda efforts were remarkably successful. Particularly their efforts at indoctrinating our elites in the ideology Eric Raymond termed Suicidalism, something which is imperiling our fight against Islamo-facism:
The most important weapons of al-Qaeda and the rest of the Islamist terror network are the suicide bomber and the suicide thinker. The suicide bomber is typically a Muslim fanatic whose mission it is to spread terror; the suicide thinker is typically a Western academic or journalist or politician whose mission it is to destroy the West’s will to resist not just terrorism but any ideological challenge at all.

But al-Qaeda didn’t create the ugly streak of nihilism and self-loathing that afflicts too many Western intellectuals. Nor, I believe, is it a natural development. It was brought to us by Department V of the KGB, which was charged during the Cold War with conducting memetic warfare that would destroy the will of the West’s intelligentsia to resist a Communist takeover. This they did with such magnificent effect that the infection outlasted the Soviet Union itself and remains a pervasive disease of contemporary Western intellectual life.
Our next President must be willing to combat the Suicidalism infecting our political and media elite.


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