Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Thompson's Sister Dobsonjah moment

Tonight on Hannity and Grey, Sean Hannity interviewed Fred and Jeri Thompson asking mostly softball questions about whether he had the fire in the belly and such. The last question had to do with James Dobson saying he could not support Thompson for President. Fred hit this one out of the ballpark in a Sister Souljah moment by saying, in a nutshell, that he wasn't kowtowing to anyone.

James Dobson has been saying some incredibly stupid things lately. Even contemplating a third party at this point makes me wonder if Dobson is not really a very deep cover spy sent by the Clinton campaign. The Anchoress' brother said it best:

Did they learn nothing from ‘92? They may as well start engraving the “President Clinton” commemorative coins now…

I certainly hope that there are a few members of Mr. Dobson's organization who will sit down with him and explain how the US political system works.

If you are sitting on the fence considering different Republican candidates then I strongly urge you to read this excellent comparison of the front runners and why Thompson is the best choice. (At this point it is Giuliani, Romney, and Thompson.) Thompson wins on substance and style.

Political strategists aren't known for consensus, but they all agree that the public loathes passionate and polarized politics. Attacking Hillary with self-righteous zeal like St. George all set to slay the dragon would be a tactical mistake. The best way for a Republican to beat Hillary is to talk to the American people calmly, simply and sensibly, and let her be the poster child for all the bitterness and anger of the last decade. Fred is just the man to do that.

Thompson is comfortable in his own skin and he will be able to connect to the public in a way that Hillary never will.

Update: Via Hot Air.

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